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Design of a Multicultural Blended E-learning System

Most universities in developing countries are using a teaching and learning approach known as blended e-learning, however, there was no multicultural-based blended e-learning framework. Furthermore, there is no research to show the impact of multicultural blended e-learning on satisfaction of learners.

This research employed two categories of students, the Iranian students and the Iraqi students studying at Razi University of Iran. These two groups were taught using the multicultural blended e-learning approach. We utilized an open source application named Claroline. Questionnaires were designed and administered to students to collect information about the level of satisfaction and the optimal mix of tools that go into blended multicultural-based e-learning. The collected information was analyzed using SPSS. We found that blended multicultural based e-learning improves the level of satisfaction of learners. In addition, it was also found out that the optimal mix of tools in multicultural based e-learning comprised 19% still pictures, 23% audio files, 31% video files and 27% text files. Lastly, a framework for multicultural based e-learning was developed.

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