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Detection Personality and Emotion of user via interaction with touch screens when playing game

Studies conducted to date indicate the existence of a distinction in people’s mental states. This perspective is worthwhile for all researchers, especially computer game designers. With the increase of touchscreen phones and gameplay on these types of phones, this question is posed to us: “Do touch behaviors reflect the moods of the players?” If we can detect the moods of the users, game designers can control the level and intensity of the game according to the users’ moods and minimize the malicious effects of such games.

In this study, we want to use the features of how to touch people while playing on a touch screen so that we can differentiate between different moods and personalities of each person. In this study, using the personality parameter in the diagnosis of mental states, we were able to accurately determine moods 91.99% and personality traits with the accuracy of 79.97 at the best. In addition, we arrive at another result, and it is that the existence of personality dimensions in parameters does not improve the recognition process. Moreover, in parameter selection algorithms, in the assessment of the mental state, the personality dimensions are eliminated from the existing parameters, but if later, the arousal of moods and all dimensions We consider the personality in the assessment of the state of mind as accurate as 98.52, and the dimensions of the personality will also have a positive effect on the outcome.

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