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Design and Implementation of an Affective Tutor with Mood Detection Ability in Touch-based Interaction

E-Learning is a modern tool to develop educational methods which helps to improve the learning and education based on information technology. Considering importance of matching the educational method with emotional and personal properties of the user, today E-learning systems are designed to be intelligent and emotion sensitive.

These systems try to figure out the cognitive properties of the student, and then simulate the virtual environment of the e-leaning system to be as close as possible to the real environment based on recognition of human behavior in the virtual environment and reaching the goal of the education which is learning.

In order to investigate outcome of learning in any educational environment, some questions related to the educational content should be designed, then answer of those questions should be reviewed.

Giving wrong answer to the designed questions could be result of failure to learn which is a consequence of issues in the educational system, as well as importance of the emotion of user in the answering process.

 In today’s research, a system called emotional teacher has been designed and implemented to teach mathematics to students who show stress to this course. This system uses the “follow with example” method to figure out the reason behind mistake of the user, to be able to use that reason take a proper action and in addition to teaching the user, reduce the stress caused by mathematics and increase the user’s confidence in mathematics.

There is no doubt that using touch screen displays instead of using mouse and keyboard is more similar to using pen and paper. This system which its goal is learning, uses the touch screen display to interact with user and detect user’s emotion and reactions.

For testing this system 30 students used it for one day. Result of this research shows that the proposed algorithm detects the digit handwritten by the user and stress of the user caused by mathematics based on the handwritten of the user with accuracy of 90 percent. Also this research proposes the method for designing an emotional teacher to improve academic achievements.

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