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Detection of stress in human-computer interaction

Emotional Stress gives special symptoms on the body. In the face of stress the adrenal glands increase discharge Cortisol hormone, which lead to intensify of symptoms such as sweating –especially on the palms- , increase of heart rate and respiration rate. Although there are other phenomena with result of cortisol discharge, stress alone have greatest impact on cortisol level. Thus the hormone is also known as “Stress Hormone”.

Stress is expanding challenge in modern life. Despite it originated from very genesis of human being, it cause more trouble than usefulness in this ere. Today’s everyday life impose uninterrupted stress to people which cause physical problems, fatigue and weakened immune system. In this thesis most of methods which had been used in past two decades had been studied. An also in this work implementation of stellar ways to detect emotional stress had been performed without any specific and sophisticated device. In this thesis heart rate variability as one of the best methods to detect emotional stress, have been implemented with electrocardiogram and pulse oxymeter. besides that, the electrodermal activity of skin have been measured via an AC signal in low frequency with help of PC soundcard as both signal generator and signal analyzer (oscilloscope), simultaneously. 

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